What is an image-maker?

Picrew is a service that allows you to create image makers with your own illustrations.
Check out some features of our image makers.

  • Dress up your character
    by selecting items
  • Create a random image
    with the Random Button
  • Download
    finished image
  • Change item to
    different color
  • Move and
    rotate item
  • Share your image
    with everyone!

Combine the random function with the move function, and your picture will have endless possibilities.
Find unique ideas to design your original image maker!

  • Character

  • Icon

  • Fortune-Telling

What do I need to know?

  • No programming knowledge required
    Previously, image makers could only be created by people who had programming knowledge.
    But if you use Picrew, you will be able to make one without any prior knowledge on programming.
  • Can draw digital illustrations
    If you already know how to use graphic software such as ClipStudio, SAI, or Photoshop, etc., to draw illustrations, you are ready.
    You can also make analog drawings first, and later process them digitally.
  • Can separate an image into layers
    You must be able to separate your image into different parts and draw them in different layers before registering them to your image maker.
    If you know how to draw illustrations using different layers, or if you can separate your drawing into different layers afterwards, you are ready.
Use Picrew to help you create your image maker!
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