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About Picrew

Picrew is a platform for image makers. You can use your fantastic illustrations to create image makers and also play with them.

Play with Picrew

Feel free to play with all the image makers designed by our Creators, and create unique images or characters with the items of your choice.

The finished images can be shared on social media and downloaded for other use.

How to play with Picrew

Create with Picrew

Haven’t you ever wanted to create a Character Maker with your illustrations?

Picrew can help you create unique image makers by simply uploading your images. Read more on how to create your image makers with your illustrations!

Go to Picrew Creator Site


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Maintenance Information

Picrew is a make-and-play image maker platform.

You may only use the images generated from the image makers within the scope permitted by the creator and Picrew.
Please read and agree to the following statements before use.